I am for

"Responsible Development" with voice and input from residents

Revision of the city "master plan" and sticking to it

A walkable downtown area complete with all of the amenities needed to live, work, play and access mass transit

Finally connecting Davis Boulevard to Eaglewood Drive

Keeping the "Crown Jewel" of NSL--the Golf Course operated by the city and citizens

Sustainable green energy

Accessibility for all

“I hope to bring; reasonable, responsible, non-biased, thoughtful decision making to the council. I am committed to reasonable and responsible development in the city which does not encroach on existing residents rights and property. I would like to see the city master plan updated with input and voice from the citizens and guided by their input. I would like to see; the stub of Davis Blvd. finally connected to Eaglewood Drive, the remaining county area in the city annexed and blighted property put to use. I would like to see downtown area transformed into a vibrant, livable, walkable area complete with all services needed to; live, work and play without leaving the city and have access to exceptional mass transit”

Unprecedented job and population growth pose complex issues for our city that need to be addressed.

Overcrowding, traffic congestion, pollution, buildings and concrete. This is where NSL is heading. We can avoid that by choosing leadership that will carefully plan the city as a whole. Not willy-nilly as parcels appear and at as much density as possible. There needs to be equity between all stakeholders and balance between development and green space.

I’ve spent 43 years in; Education, Healthcare, Media, and startups. I can handle the complexities of guiding the city, residents, property owners and developers in creating a vibrant livable city “responsibly”.

Husband, father, grandfather, church and community volunteer. HOA President, Director at (the) Utah Education and Telehealth Network. I own two online, media related businesses. Believe in a low carbon footprint. Take transit into the UofU as often as I can. Have and promote solar energy. Drive hybrid and efficient vehicles.

I hold a BS in BA from the UofU and leadership certifications in several disciplines.

Your vote for me is for responsible, sensible development.